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ALONE - History

Casting Producer & Field Talent Producer

Pushing themselves and their skills to the ultimate limit, participants are challenged with living off the land in remote locations around the world completely alone - no camera crew, no gimmicks. Participants must have the skills to survive in extreme environments with only 10 approved items and the mental fortitude to last longer than the others.

Select talent cast:

Alan Kay (winner season 1)

Nikki Van Schyndel (season 6)

Ray Livingston (season 6)

Amos Rodriguez (season 7)

Keith Syers (season 7)

Shawn Helton (season 7)

Colter Barnes (season 8)

Adam Riley (season 9)

Terry Burns (season 9)


Love Island USA Season 3 - CBS

Casting Producer

Hot, young and single Islanders must couple up for survival in this dating competition whether for love or to win the grand prize. An international sensation, the show combines the drama of relationship making and breaking in a beautiful island villa with viewer voting for dates, challenges and ultimately which couple they believe is in love irl. 

Love Island.png

The Wedding Coach Season 1 - Netflix

Casting Producer

Comedian and author Jamie Lee takes overwhelmed couples under her wing in this wedding rescue docu-series. Jamie, a former bride herself who struggled, wants to dispell the myths that weddings have to be expensive and drama filled. She gives her tips and, along with her comedian friends, physically steps in to help these weddings go off without a hitch.

Select talent cast:

Erin & Travis

Savannah & Cesar

The Wedding Coach.png
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